Cursos en Ableton Live

Cursos en Ableton Live 9

Nuestros cursos de verano en Ableton Live 9 están de regreso. Un nuevo sistema de enseñanza estará muy pronto disponible para ti. Si estas interesado en recibir mas informacion de las fechas de nuestros cursos, suscríbete a nuestro boletín de noticias y no te pierdas de esta oportunidad. ¡Aprende a […]


Sizzlin Guest mix feat. Tim Rella (Caboose Records)

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin Guest Mix with Tim Rella (Caboose Records) Tim Rella has been writing and performing music for a little while now. What started with a guitar and a notepad has transformed into DJing and the production of eclectically funky house music. In 2011 he founded […]


Sizzlin Guest mix feat. John Symms (Moshun)

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin Guest Mix with John Symms. Hailing from Nottingham U.K. and having been producing for years under other names (Kinky Movement and Onsei) the Alias Moshun was “born” to cater for the funkier sets played and created. Moshun caters for all styles of music with […]