Sizzlin Guest Mix feat. Serge Gee

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin guest mix with Serge Gee. Born in Mexico City, since 2001 Serge Gee has been a DJ and producer of Drum and Bass. Having spent many years playing at Guadalajara at different local night clubs, Serge Gee has had a lot of time to develop his sound under the influences of Funk, Jazz, Soul, Latin and Deep. His style and dynamism have taken him to share stage with Mark Farina, Sonny Fodera, Vitor Munhoz and many more.
Check out his mix at from 2-3pm CST this August 4th 2016

1 Can you tell us more about your history with music and where you are from?

I am originally from Mexico City. I started playing in the Drum and Bass scene around 2002 and my style made me play in different places around the city. In 2009 I moved to the city of Gudalajara, Mexico and my passion for music followed me. Since then I’ve been playing at clubs and bars in the area.

It was in 2013 when I decided to become a House Music producer after an invitation from Sugar Shack Recordings to be a part of their label. The name of my first EP is called “True Love” and it was an inspiration to continue in this path of music.

2 What was the first piece of gear you used for DJing?
Technics 1200 mk2 and a Numark Mixer.

3 What were the tunes and who were the artist that inspired you back then?

I have a heavy influence of Drum and Bass, Jungle, and some Funk like Jamiroquai. I also enjoy production from record labels such as OM records, Strictly Rhythm, Nervous just to mention some.

4 When it comes to song selection, how do you go about choosing what you want to play?

Every performance is unique and it depends on my mood, the venue and of course the audience. When I play at smaller venues or restaurants I prefer a more Jackin, Jazzy or Soulful touch and for big venues I really enjoy Tech House.

5 What track is your favorite track at the moment?

Ritmo Du Vela: El House y El Jazz, I played that song every week! hahaha.

6 Where did your musical interest begin, and did it initially start with electronic music?

I was probably eight years old and I still remember how my brother used to buy Dance Music discs and I loved the rhythm and drum beat. It was when one of my best friends introduced me to Darren Emerson, Uruguay by Global Underground when I decided to invest my time into music production and DJing

7 What is your approach when producing a track?

I like to produce music with Jazz influences like a deep chords, classic house pianos and classic drums, big bass lines and some funky things.

8 Your partner in crime is Ritmo Du vela, how do you work together as a duo?

We work from the distance, we adapted each to each other very well, he was a good teacher and support for me, I think what brought us together was the love of House music.

9 Can you run us through some of your favorite producers at the moment?

Demuir, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax, Greenbay Jackers, Ritmo Du Vela and many more.

10 What releases have you got coming up?

– Funky T.V. News (Baked Music).

– LaLaLaLa (CandyBeach)

– Do It (CandyBeach).

-With Ritmo Du Vela:

– House You Know (Fish House Music).

– LSD (Deep Hype Sounds Vinyl 12″).

– It’s Good (CandyBeach).

– Los Hombres Del Jazz (Moody House)

– Totally Mad (Moody House)

11 How did the track “Biggest City” on Sugar Shack Recordings come about?

I did get inspired in Jazz Chords and my current city “Guadalajara México”

12 What’s next for you?

I am really excited about the opportunity to play at Bar Americas in Guadalajara. Bar Americas has been Serge Gee BWpromoting the scene since 2002. Their line ups usually include heavy hitters from around the world. I am also really excited to being able to attend the Sugar Shack Show Case in Chicago!

13 What is your favorite item of clothing?

My sneakers, I’m a Adidas Originals collector.

14 Thanks for the interview. Do you have a special message for the readers?

Yes please add me to my social networks, you can find me like “Serge Gee” and I hope you enjoy the mix.

You can find more about Serge Gee here:
Mixcloud | Facebook | Soundcloud