Sizzlin Guest mix feat. Jon Hart (Reason2Funk)

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin Guest Mix with Jon Hart (Reason 2 Funk)
Jon Hart has been DJing since the age of 16 in and around the UK & Europe. Most recently at HeadQuarterz Festival, Belgium he played the DownTownHouse stage and got the place jumpin holding it down alongside some international heavyweights such as Joey Beltram & recently playing alongside the likes of Todd Terry, Chris Simmonds & Demuir on this years Colours of House Annual Showcase with a LIVE set online on CHFM. His Jackin / Tech House style never fails to take you on a journey.

Jon Hart (Reason2Funk) – Sizzling Guest Mix 06 by Bdpcali on Mixcloud

1- Can you tell us more about your history with music and where you are from?
I have always since a young age had a real passion for house music and always felt that I needed to be involved with it somehow in one way or another.

2- How did you get started with DJing?
I begged and begged my parents for a set of Technics 1210s at the age of 15 and for Christmas I got what can only be described as a Ray Von setup – you know the kind you used to see back in the olden days at social club parties and weddings etc… the ones with no pitch slider and a built in amp and mixer (basically 33/45 and that’s your lot)… so in a nutshell from there on I went out of my way to earn the money to buy myself some belt drives until I could afford the technics myself. So out of passion and also rebellion I suppose is the answer to that question.

3- What’s the first record you ever bought?
New Power Generation – The Good Life (Dancin Divaz Mix)

4- Who were some artists that inspired your music when you were first starting out?
Firstly I was into Carl Cox and have always had a secret admiration for that guy, I just used to love watching how technical he got behind 4 decks… but later on once I found what my real passion was (Jackin House) I very quickly found Mark Farina to be the one DJ I endlessly downloaded sets from and to this day I’ve still not seen play live at a night – only via live stream. Hopefully one day I’ll catch up with the guy and get to party with him live.

5- How do you find the city/country you currently live at influences your style of Djing?
I have found that for whatever reason it is hard to find a decent gig in the UK, purely because I think unless you have the money to constantly be out at the right gigs partying and introducing yourself to people you need some serious luck to get in the “click” and project yourself into the right places.
I have recently found that in order to play the music that I play passionately – the only place I can do that over here is online, hence starting our online radio show and then off the back of that getting connected with people all over the globe and getting the odd overseas gig. Its always seemed to me that in the UK (and probably in other countries to) you need to really get that one break where you play the right gig at the right time and then compose yourself right and make the right steps afterwards in order to become more well-known and get the gigs we all hope for.

6- What mood do you create with your DJ sets? Do you react to the audience, or is it more pre-planned?
I definitely react to the audience, I mean I do have a rough idea of tracks that I want to play but generally I try not to plan my sets as that’s when I find things don’t feel natural. I prefer to feel the music and choose the next track based on both my mood and the crowds mood.

7- What tracks are your favorite at the moment?
My favourite track at the moment has got to be Lord Leopard – Mark of Passion, it really does sum my style up very well… I love the vibe and for me it’s a real pounding track that although is a bit out there really gets the crowd rockin.

8- Tell us more about your record label “Reason 2 Funk”
Reason 2 Funk was started really off the back of getting a really good response from the Podcast Series (FUNKcast)… we managed to connect with some really top artists through the series and naturally I was curious as to whether people would work with me if I launched a record label.
I messaged a few people I had in mind and since then I’ve never really looked back.

9- When signing new Artist/Records what are the main aspects you focus on?
When signing new artists or tracks the main focus is firstly the vibe I get from the artist as an individual, I think that in order for me to push an artists work to the best of my ability I have to gel with both the artist and the track. Touch wood – from the first track we released right through to some very exciting tracks we’ve got planned for 2016 I haven’t had one issue and everything seems to run smoothly.


10- What are the upcoming plans for “Reason 2 Funk”
Rounding off 2015 we have currently got Scott Morters Wolfpack EP out in stores. We aimed to release another EP before the end of the year but its looking like were now going to have a busy start to 2016 instead as due to Xmas commitments etc its only fair to not push artists too hard at this time of year.
So starting off 2016 we’ve got the following:
Firstly we have Darius Kramer doing a mix of all the releases from our first year as a label, then the following releases already confirmed and signed up.
R2F009 Housego – Funk to da beat EP (Remixes from Corduroy Mavericks & the COWtippers)
**the COWtippers is actually myself & Rob Andrews as a collaboration**
R2F010 Scott Morter – Wolf Pack EP (Part 2 – The Remixes)
R2F011 Mack Bango – Fresh New Funk EP (Remixes from Doc Link, Jonn Hawley, Manny Murillo & Jon Hart)
R2F012 Jon Hart – All Ah Dat Funk EP (Remixers yet to be confirmed)
R2F013 The Stoned – The Ideal Life EP (Remixers yet to be confirmed)

11- What is your advice to up and coming DJs and producers to break through?
If you are like me and want to stay true to your passion, find the people who are playing the type of music you love so much and connect with them – the underground house scene is such a friendly place, if you have the drive to succeed and connect with the right people there will be a chance at some point. I’m still searching for my break and I feel happy about that and I’m enjoying every minute of it. But the main reason for that is because I’m playing what I love to play not what I’m told to play and fingers crossed somewhere along the way doing things my own style and at my own pace I will hit the right opportunity. Until then I’m enjoying every minute anyway so my advice is do the same – ENJOY IT

12- What do you have prepared for this mix?
To be honest I didn’t prepare, I picked a few tracks I felt would go down well and started with those and then felt the rest of the mix… hopefully you will feel it to.

13 Thanks for the interview. Do you have a special message for the readers?
My message to everyone is thanks for supporting me, without the support on soundcloud, mixcloud, through our online radio show, people getting involved with the FUNKcast Series and just generally people accepting my friend requests and chatting/connecting with me – reason2funk wouldn’t be where its at now and I wouldn’t be doing guest mixes such as these and planning gigs overseas for 2016. So really – massive thanks to everyone – big respect!!!

You can find more about Jon Hart here:
Reason2Funk | Facebook | Soundcloud