Sizzlin Guest Mix feat Filta Freqz

Filta Freqz doesn’t need any introduction, but for those that don’t know them, this UK duo was nominated to the 12th best artist in the Jackin House genre on Traxsource in 2017. Integrated by Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique, FF started they career as DJs, years later their love for the music turned them into producers.  They meet in secondary school in 1986 and soon they started to share their love for music in the genres of electro, hip-hop, and breakdancing.

They have prepared an hour mix of sounds that will make you stand up and get your body moving. We had the opportunity to chat with them and know more about their background, their process for creating music and their record label “Seventy Four”

We hope you enjoy our sizzling guest mix #10 featuring Filta Freqz.

1. How did the name  Filta Freqz come about?

The name come about from what we create in the studio with filters and frequencies spelt the graffiti way as both of us have been into graffiti from a young age.

2. How was your first contact with House Music?

We would have to say Adonis – No Way Back(1986) Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body (1987) at a venue called the Centre at an event called Yikes that was put on by a local DJ/Promoter Marvin Connor massive influence on us!

3. Congratulations for your upcoming release with Defected Records, can you share more information with us about this release?

Yeah thanks for that, Amazing news when we got contacted by them! The two tracks will be coming out on the DFTD label which will be Master Blaster & Show Me both tracks previously out on our label Seventy Four.

4. What is a typical day in the studio like for you?

Most of the time we have some kind of idea which route we gonna take on a track before we even go in as for samples and content and also involves something herbal and lots of coffee.

5. When you’re in the studio, what are your favorite piece/pieces of the gear to use?

Has to be the mothership E-mu 6400 Ultra most of our sound is out of that box also the Alesis 3630 compressors as well.

6. Where do you say your inspiration originates from?

Everywhere with us, we both have a very diverse taste when it comes to music.

7. What is the best source to sample music; Vinyl, Cds, mp3s?

We would say have a bit of everything in there mix it up with different frequencies from all formats even tapes and VHS if need be.

8. Tell us more about your record label Seventy Four?

Seventy Four was set up in May 2009 for an outlet for our own music that was stacking up, We still are shocked by how many people from all over the world have graced the label, been inspired from many artists the world over.

9. How has the value of music and file-sharing affected record labels?

It’s a plague that never ends, unfortunately.Embrace the future! Maybe a little Karma from taking samples ourselves. 😉

10. What advice do you have for aspiring producers who want to submit their tracks to a Record Label?

Would say don’t be shy to send stuff to any labels out there either a yes or a no, Nothing to lose really, Just keep doing your thing, Good things will come.

11. Can you tell us about your experience in ADE? Are you planning on going this year?

ADE in Amsterdam is always an amazing time of year to meet with like-minded people from all over the world. We may have a fly in fly out weekend who know’s it’s a GREY AREA 🙂

12. Thanks for the interview. Do you have a special message for the readers?

Much love to BDP for getting us in for this mix and interview, Love and respect to all the readers also all DJ’s, Producers, and Promoters doing there thing worldwide. House Connects! Special thanks to Tommy Largo (Dutch Masters) for getting the Masters tight and right.

You can find more about Filta Freqz here:

Facebook  | SoundcloudSeventy Four