Sizzlin Guest Mix feat Big Pack

We are so excited to share with you our latest Sizzlin’ guest mix featuring Big Pack. A resident of Mexico City and founder of House Salad Music, Big Pack is the mastermind behind a series of mixes that feature DJs from all over the globe on Soundcloud.  He also helps to promote local and international DJs thru a series parties.

Last week we visited Mexico City, to attend a party called “House Society” and to see Big Pack perform, we also sat down to chat about his background, the House scene in Mexico City and their coming events.

Check out his Youtube Interview and Sizzlin’ Guest Mix here.
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1 What is House Salad Music?

House Salad is a platform to promote House Music at a national and international level through a series of mixes that we host in our Soundcloud channel. We also have a digital record label with new releases coming soon. We are a group of DJs who organize parties to promote local talent in Mexico City.
2 What is House Society?

Within our parties we have a special edition that is called “House Society” where we pay tribute to vinyl and we try to remember our DJ origins when we could only use two turntables. So it is promotion and to improve the vinyl culture and music in physical format.

We also try to include another talent such as house music dancers, Video Jockeys and visual artists and everything is focused on the house music culture.
3 Which are the next House Salad events? 

We will have a new edition of “House Society” month to month at Rustik Bar, where we already have a residency. On March 10th we have a special party celebrating our 6th anniversary as House Salad and we’ll be hosting special guests. My suggestion is to keep an eye on our social media. You can find us on FB as House Salad Music. That’s where we’ll be posting all the news for the coming events and all the news about what we are doing nowadays.
4 What is your opinion of the today’s house music scene in Mexico?

Nowadays the house scene is Mexico is very fragmented because there is a conflict of interest and egos are impressive. But the good part is that there is much great talent, some of them are new and some of them have been hidden in the closet waiting for an opportunity that they haven’t got yet. Day after day we have discovered many talents and we have tried to give them a chance to spin at the House Society parties, so they can showcase what they like and what they like is House Music right!?

So the idea is to give them the opportunity to create a genuine union which is the real message of House.
5 Which are the DJs that inspired you to buy music?

More than inspired me to buy records, I think I was inspired when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a DJ, so I enjoyed to watch DJs that I liked back then. I enjoyed watching them coming in with their record boxes and play in the parties were I went dancing. So it was something very remarkable and I said to myself, one day I want to do that. I want to go to a record store and buy records and be able to arrive at a party with my record box.

So I always tried to go to record stores and see what they have. I started to buy my first vinyl records at tower records around 1997-98 around when I started college, so the money that I have left, I spent it on records. Back then I bought a lot of Chicago House, but I also bought a lot of techno since they were for me two musical genres that got along together back then.

Since that day my love for buying records got even bigger. Then with the globalization and with the ability to purchase music online, everything was more accessible, because I was able to have reach music that I might have never able to find in Mexico.
6 Do you have a record that you value the most in your collection?

Yes, I have a valuable collection of records, but as every music lover, I think it is not enough.

I try to keep making it bigger day by day and I am always searching for new music and looking for what’s new. I always try to make a selection for what I am buying monthly, and I also try to search records from other ages that it that time I wasn’t able to have. As I mentioned, it’s always to be browsing and searching records and music.

I think I have a lot of records which are very special for me and that have a lot of sentimental value, like the ones of Cajual Records the record label from Cajmere. They are records that are very difficult to get these days and they are records that influenced me as a teenager. They were the record label that inclined me 100% to house music.

I used to love their sound, I still love it, and they are records that I have in a special box.
7 Talk to us about you recently presentation on Montreal?

The recent performance that I had on Montreal was one of the most rewarding experiences that I had on my DJ Career because it allowed me to share the stage with DJs which I respect for all their effort that they delivered to promote House Music in their respective countries.

The event was organized by Julie Petrecca, who is a Quebec native. She has also worked very hard to promote local and international talent through her radio show, in fact, the party was a starting point for the events in Montreal. It was fun to play with a friend like Wally Callerio from LA, Max Hebert who is from Montreal, and Space Boy who is a New York native but is now a resident of Canada.

It was a great experience, and to tell you the truth, people did not stop dancing, which as a Dj is the best that can happen to you.
8 Talk to us about your music production?

My last release was for Dustpan Recordings in December 2017 and is Kane Ian’s record label, and for this 2018 I have some remixes that I am working on for record labels in Mexico and for Dustpan Recordings. That’s all I have for the moment
9 Which advice can you give to young DJs who want to start mixing?

My advice to all the people who want to enter the world of DJing is: first you have to dive deep into the musical genre, I mean, study record labels, artist, pioneers, everything necessary to become experts in the sound.

This is going to give you a reliable resource when it is time to perform because you will be able to read the crowd and you will be able to play the right tracks at the right time.

Once you feel comfortable and ready, the second part is to practice. Practice makes the master, and when you have mastered your music genre, the technique is not as important, you can figure it out with practicing, for me, a DJ is 70% knowledge of what he is playing, and the rest is technique.

10 Thanks for the interview. Do you have a special message for the readers?

Thanks to all the people who follow our project and everyone who supports direct or an indirect way. It is something that makes me very happy and it means a lot to me.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media, and you can find me as “Big Pack” on Twitter also as ‘Big Pack’ and also subscribe to my SoundCloud channel, where you can find me as ‘Big Pack’ so you can get all the new mixes that I upload weekly.

And lastly to remind you that I have a new mix coming soon on Black Diamond Production’s channel which is the sizzling guest mix, so stay tuned my friends, see you later!

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