Sampling techniques with Drum Racks, Simpler and Ableton Push

Sampling is used a lot in hip hop, house, and modern music. It is also a very helpful technique to create remixes. The goal of this video is to give you some tips to get you started with sampling, and hopefully some ideas to start writing your own tracks. Let […]

Sizzlin Guest Mix feat. Serge Gee

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin guest mix with Serge Gee. Born in Mexico City, since 2001 Serge Gee has been a DJ and producer of Drum and Bass. Having spent many years playing at Guadalajara at different local night clubs, Serge Gee has had a lot of time to develop his […]

Sizzlin Guest mix feat Mikey V (Hawt Music)

Get ready to enjoy our Sizzlin Guest Mix with Mikey V (Hawt Music) Mikey Velazquez is a DJ, Producer & Vocalist from Los Angeles, California, who has been a staple on the West Coast underground house scene since 2006. Best known for throwing the infamous HAWT underground parties, 2014 finds him […]