Black Diamond Session #9 with Camouflage (CHFM)

We are proud to present Black Diamond Session #9 with DJ Camouflage. Enjoy!
The BDP Crew was able to make it to San Francisco to record BDP Session #9 with Camouflage. He was touring around different parts of the Unites States as well as the West Coast. Camouflage is the founder of Chicago House FM. Check this website at to enjoy live dj spinning house music.

South African born DJ/Producer Kimesh Desai aka Camouflage now residing in Florida USA after having lived in London UK is an artist dedicated to a cause towards House Music. An energetic DJ constantly improving his talents and an ambassador for the scene has been actively involved since 1997. With over 15 years involvement, Camouflage has worked himself from the dance floors of Johannesburg where he spend many weekends absorbing the unity and love of House Music and then moving to London in 2003. It was not before long that Camouflage acquired a pair of turntables and a mixer and began a whole new journey into the sound of House Music.

Once in London, there was no stopping the passion fueled from the scene back in South Africa and Camouflage began finding ways to enter the scene in London by attending various parties and nights being held and acquired gigs at many of London’s Leading Nightclub such as PACHA and MINSISTRY OF SOUND through Dirtydubbin and also landed a residency in 2007 at the well renowned island of IBIZA. With many of these great venues and parties, Camouflage gained extensive knowledge and decided to venture into a whole new avenue for the love of the music. This was to create a lifestyle from House Music as this led to the many great opportunities for Camouflage himself and it was time to share the love. This led to the begging of CHICAGO HOUSE FM (CHFM).
You can find more about DJ Camouflage here:
Chicago House FM | Facebook | Soundcloud

black diamond session with DJ Camouflage